A thoughtful walk

After a long time Hyderabadi skies were covered by a blanket of clouds, the stars weren’t there in the sky, they were hidden under the clouds without a space to peep out. The pleasant weather asked for a walk, and so I did. As I stepped outside the hostel, I could feel the fresh breeze brought by monsoons with themselves. It touched my senses and brought them back to life from the suffocated environs of a dried up land craving for some water. The moment I walked out, it started raining lightly. You could feel the rain only if you paid attention to each droplet falling on your skin.
Outside the hostel, the tea stall was abuzz with people enjoying each sip of tea along with the beautiful weather. As I walked on I could sense a feeling of peace and ecstasy at the same time. The garden infront of Administration Building looked the same but with a different feeling, the tree leaves were making a slight motion with the wind while singing the silent song of rain.
Then I took a turn towards the Administration Building and my eyes were fixed on a tree whose leaves had been colored with a slight tinge of rain water. It looked like an unfinished painting about to be colored with the colors of rain. I went further and reached the administration building where the main door was open and I could see the portrait of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first Education Minister of India, while a guard was standing near the door. I tried to draw a contrast between two different people, the guard and Maulana Azad, who were standing in a similar posture but then a lonely vase lying on the footpath along the garden piqued my interest. It was standing there, maybe wondering why it was lying there alone without a companion and asking for me to be with it for the moment. While I was about to go near the vase, sit besides it and be its companion for the beautiful moment of longing for each other. A group of students talking loudly, probably returning from library, distracted me and all these thoughts were wrapped up, and I looked at them with a keen look of an observer trying to fit them in the trail of his thoughts which have engulfed his mind. As they walked away from me, my attention was now towards another guard standing in front of a building who seemed to be lost in thoughts like I was. I let him be so and walked on.
Now I was on a straight path leading to the main gate of our University. Just then I observed the leaning rock along the right side of the road, and I wondered whether it’s lean was more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And as I walked besides it, I felt like it had bowed itself in respect for all the passers-by, having no feelings of pride despite the majesty of its size. I walked on with deep respect for the humility of this huge rock, taking a lesson for myself and the whole humanity.
So, I reached near the entrance of our university and seeing the rush of people there I was brought back to the crowded world from the free and solitary world of my thoughts and my imaginations. Then I started moving back to the hostel with different people around me bound to their different destinations.
It was still raining the same way and continued to rain the whole night, watering the parched land of Hyderabad which had been longing for it. The thoughts persisted in my mind for some time. I wondered about the invisible colors of rain which had painted the sorroundings with colors of beauty and elegance. I realised that, the colors of rain are vividly flashed only in the beautiful company of nature and not in its independent existence.