AFSPA: The constitutional assassin

November 4, 2014, Kashmir: A car ripped by bullets for not being able to stop at an army check point in Chattergam when the car skidded, killing two youth and injuring two others. (And the recently released movie, ‘Haider’ showed that, armed forces give a chance to militants to surrender before any encounter. But here they are seen firing at a car without even ascertaining whether the persons in the car are militants or just civilians. What a farce!)
Now, starts the judicial (read anything) process. Police has registered an FIR against army personnel in Kashmir after the civilian shooting but we all know the fate of the process even if the charges are proved. They will invoke AFSPA to get immunity. They maybe even promoted, as they say, taareekh gawaah hai (History is the witness). The same old story, kill at will, rape, murder innocent people in cold blood and then invoke AFSPA! Why are lakhs of armed forces in Kashmir given such excessive powers just to counter militancy where numbers are no more than few hundred active militants (according to the official statement of the same army)? I just wonder how can the constitution of a republic and a democratic nation like India have such a draconian law? For how long will Kashmiris and North-Easterners have to face the brunt of AFSPA? It’s not those murderous armed forces who are actually reponsible for the killings but the carte blanche aka AFSPA that they have. India boasts about democracy and accountability, and yet gives unbridled powers to its armed forces, chutzpah, no? Haven’t they paid enough or there is more blood to be spilled, more precious lives to be lost till sanity prevails? Do these power-blinded forces even know the meaning of sanity? Someone please, let them know what being sane means and yeah if you’re to meet them, don’t forget to wear a bullet proof vest, ’cause you never know! These brave Indian armed forces can do anything for bravery medals and gallantry awards. And if you think, I’m exaggerating, just have a look at the records. Again, as they say, taareekh gawaah hai.
I have few questions for all the Indians: How do you feel when a law duly approved by your constitution is used to spill innocent blood? Do you still feel proud of your army? What about your conscience, the ‘collective conscience’ (the same collective conscience, you know what I mean, Afzal Guru . . .)? Is it satisfied about the pile of dead bodies, the mass graves, thousands of women raped and then perpetrators of crime getting away with all their sins and crimes? Don’t they have your backing, the backing of a law which you approve, your constitution which validates such acts, the impunity of armed forces which you support after they commit such dastardly acts? Aren’t you, as citizens of a nation responsible for the crimes that are validated by the constitution of your country and by your silence? Where is your collective conscience (sleeping or dead?) when it comes to human rights in Kashmir and North-East? What about your ‘atoot ang’ rhetoric? Isn’t the blood of innocent people on your hands? You pay taxes and they manufacture a bullet to be shot at an innocent person? Aren’t you sponsoring the genocide of Kashmiris when you don’t hold your government accountable for its actions? Your country, your nation, your army, your money and our blood! Aren’t you ashamed of your army which commits such crimes and then shields the perpetrators of crime or you are still proud of it? Are you blind nationalists or human beings? Just one last question, “Humanity, where art thou?”
Enough questions, enough time wasted. I don’t expect an answer from you but I know the solution: India, just get the hell out of Kashmir!