Humanity- Let’s not be human.

Look at the world, it’s so messed up. Humanity, you’re a curse to this world! Human nature is just like the nature of any other animal in the word. Humanity sucks! I don’t understand why the concept of humanity is so eulogized. Humanity is so disgusting, humanity should be no ideal for anyone, it’s frigging sick to be humane! I realized that being humane means being just like any other wild beast out there, ready to snatch anything that comes along its way. The day humans stop eulogizing the concept of humanity, will be the day they will see real peace. I’d say that, the only ‘good’ thing about human beings is their ability to suppress their human nature, hats off to all those who have done it. If we unleash/present ourselves as true human beings, we will get to see the same things that are currently troubling us, but on a very larger scale i.e. violence (of all forms), brutality, oppression et al. When people see anything ‘good’ happening around them, they cry out that humanity exists. No, it’s actually the absence of humanity!

When we say that we should be humane, we are actually saying that we should follow our basic instincts/our basic human nature, but we forget that human nature has never been to live peacefully or to give space to others. We forget one basic thing about human beings that, whatever be the case of our advancement in science, technology, knowledge or the level of our intelligence, we are still ‘animals’. We forget that we belong to the animal specie called Homo Sapiens. Human beings are creatures whose natural behavior is like most of the animals out there, having traits that we detest strongly. Then what’s so great about being human? As a matter of fact, even religion preaches us not to be human. Spirituality/Religion teaches us to suppress our desires, to control ourselves, our behavior, our emotions, our instincts and all that human stuff. Spirituality/Religion teaches us to be humans who lack human characteristics. Actually, what we call civilization is suppression of human desires/nature and what we call barbarism is actually, being human.

It’s high time we stop praising humanity, because there doesn’t seem to be anything ‘good’ in being human. I see ‘good’ among us only when there are human beings sans human nature. Even our definition of ‘good’ defines implicitly the need to suppress our basic nature. I just wonder that, if we praise civilization and curse/detest barbarism, how can we praise human beings for their human nature/humanity? We curse barbarism but ask people to be human beings! We love civilizations but hate the idea of absence of humanity! We’ve messed up the definition of humanity. Humanity is actually a misnomer, it gives us a false idea about human beings. In the name of humanity we preach things which go against the very basic human nature. It’s in our nature to commit ‘crimes’, to spread ‘evil’, but when someone does the opposite and does ‘good’ things, we talk about the presence of humanity! If we want us to be humane, then any act committed by human beings shouldn’t be a crime. Have you ever heard anyone saying that a beast (wild animal/predator) killing its prey is evil? Ever heard that a beast killing another beast is evil? No, never, they would say that it’s perfectly natural! But if a human being does the same thing, they’d use all the bad words in the world to curse the perpetrator of any such act. I want to ask, why won’t they call it a natural act (which it is, of course) when human beings do it? What makes an act done by human beings specially different from the one done by any other living being? After all human beings are living creatures just like billions of them out there. Why is it that morality and moral code is applicable on only one living creature among all the living beings? Aren’t humans also natural beings? So, whatever they do should actually be called natural, no? Are human beings special? If yes, then whatever we do has to be special, why such a hue and cry? If no, then let’s go back to the above questions.

We human beings are full of hypocrisy, and I would like to add here that it’s perfectly natural to be a hypocrite. A friend of mine once asked me about the solution for humanity. I’d say that the only solution for human beings is to stop being human, and save the world from all the pain and agony. Human beings have caused enough destruction, enough now, let’s not be humans for a while, rather, forever!