Let’s feel . . .

Let’s breathe the shade of Chinar, covered under the waves of sunlight,
Let’s smell the bright fragrance, concealed in the aroma of sunshine,
While listening to the music of love, which moves through the sound of leaves.
Let’s feel the touch of our presence, lying on the grass amidst the mighty trees,
Singing the songs of merriment and delight, along with the winds to make a sweet melody,
Relishing the moments of bliss in the enchanting surroundings of serenity.
Let’s dream about the beauty which manifests itself in green and blue,
Perceiving the colors of nature, which have a mesmerizing hue.
Let’s spin the intricate verses of the poem of beauty,
From the red rays of the winter sunset and the white summer sun.
Let’s experience the ecstatic joy amidst the peaceful breeze,
Let’s be bewitched by the magic of our eyes on the charming scene.


Photo Credits: Malika Rushda


Photo Credits: Malik Haroon