Through uknown ways . . .

Through unknown ways,
I made
My rough journey
From here,
I could clearly
My destination:
I walk
For the sake of path;
A path
Is meant to be trodden.
That’s how
I find
My way.
I create a path
With each step
I take.
I will keep walking
Through jungles and streets,
In the rain storms
And the scorching heat.
New and strange
To feet,
Rough and smooth paths,
Yet silent
To beat.
I will keep carving
My way,
Through cliffs and gorges.
These challenges,
They can’t make me give up
And declare defeat.
On the way,
I find everything bowing down
With sincere greet.
Chirpy birds,
Singing welcome songs
On the branches,
So sweet.
Each step of
The journey,
I’m crossing with freet.
I will end
My journey
Without feat.
The mountain breeze,
My sore feet.
The path,
The song of the way.
And I,
Like a soft musical beat.

~ Malika Rushda & Mudasir Ali Lone


Photo Credits: Malika Rushda

Photo Credits: Mudasir Ali Lone

Photo Credits: Mudasir Ali Lone