Kashmris have a unique ‘bomb’ way of mocking! You often get to hear these ‘bomb’ sentences from your parents, friends, relatives or others if they feel you have been doing some futile work or wasting your time or when you are late for some work or you haven’t been doing your work properly, or if you try to dodge their questions, or if they feel you are lying to them. They’ll say:
“Che kuss bomb banoawuth waen?” (Have you made some bomb now?).
“Chu kuss bomb oasukh banaawaan?” (Were you making some bomb?).
“Che kuss bomb oasuee banaawun?” (As if you had to make some bomb?).
“Zann oasukh khabar kuss bomb banaawaan?” (As if you have been making some bomb?).
I don’t know how this ‘bomb’ got into Kashmiri vocabulary. Maybe it has got something to do with the armed conflict in Kashmir or maybe something else. But, the ‘bomb’ surely does make the perfect impact when it’s used against you!
We also have “Tum kaunsi toaf ho?” in Urdu (Toaf here is the urdu ‘toap’ which means cannon. We, Kashmiris, pronounce it as toaf), but it doesn’t have that much of the mocking power as that of the ‘bomb’ in Kashmiri. Seems like language is the only place where the ‘bomb’ beats the ‘toaf’ in terms of the destructive power!
Bomb seems like a weapon of mass destruction that can be used anytime against you when you are arguing to defend yourself. And they never have to detonate it, they just have to say it and ‘Kaboom!’, all your counter-arguments are lying in pieces.
P.S. Only Kashmiris will understand the pain this ‘bomb’ can cause.