Scars of democracy!

In the dead of night,

Descended the angels from heaven,

Assigned to protect me!

They marched around my village,

And barged into my home,

Oh, so gallantly!

Those security forces,

Marked their presence,

Through marks of protection and security!

My body marked by gun-butts, sticks, and rods,

And now I’m safe and secure,

From hatred, enmity, and vulnerability!

As I’ve been marked,

By beautiful scars on my body,

Scars of love, peace, and democracy!

P.S. The poem is about night raids by Indian forces in Kashmir where they barge into houses and beat the inmates mercilessly. These night raids and beatings have been a common phenomenon in Kashmir since 90’s, and are done to scare and intimidate people. The pictures below are from a recent incident which happened at Khrew, Pampore where army personnel went into the village and acted like savages killing one young man and injuring many, some of whom have been hospitalised!

Picture source: Rising Kashmir.


The stories of our love

Our stories,
The stories of our love,
Have been lost.
In the sounds of bullets,
In the cries of war!
Each wound,
Each hole,
Each cut in the flesh,
Speaks of our love.
The unspoken love!
I can hear,
The love crying out,
From the moans on streets!
I can see,
The love pouring out,
From the gushing blood stream!
Is it still there
Or has it drowned,
Deep in the river of dead?